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Expert guidance in rapidly evolving industries.

With 20 years’ experience of engagement with the ever-changing world of IT and Technology, we know only too well how challenging it can be to keep on top. Fierce competition, constant innovation, volatile industrial landscapes, and increased customer expectation, are all a part of everyday life. The abundance of opportunities Cloud BCR presents is endless, and you must be able to capitalise on them quickly to maintain a sustainable business and a prosperous career. You need to be able to ‘adapt and adopt’, and to do that requires getting the right advice and support.


  • Drone and Support Services

    We are passionate about future technologies and the application of drones. Our database of qualified drone industry professions is unmatched across ANZ. Choosing Cloud BCR means partnering with a leading Drone recruitment specialist who will understands your business and needs.

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  • Permanent Recruitment

    With a combined 25 years recruiting experience, permanent Recruitment is one of our specialities. So much so that one in every three interviews we set up results in an offer. Choosing Cloud BCR means partnering with a leading IT recruitment specialist.

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  • Contract Recruitment

    Successful contract recruitment requires a delicate balance of both speed and quality candidates. We know from experience that the timely supply of high-quality contract resource is often the difference between success and failure. Find out more.

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  • Executive Search

    To build effective teams requires a leadership that can secure buy-in, build consensus, drive innovation, motivate inspire and communicate effectively. Whether confidential or for a prestigious campaign, Cloud BCR has a proven ability to supply.

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  • Assessment & Testing

    Making important HR decisions can be difficult – especially when the future of your company and employees is at stake. By investing in assessment and testing, you can get the insights you need to make impartial, informed and smart business decisions.

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  • Candidates

    An important part of any recruiting process is gauging a candidate’s ability to do the job. Evaluating candidates through the lens of our qualifying process helps us narrow down our list of candidates from thousands to just a select few individuals.

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