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Accurately gauging candidate abilities.

An important part of any recruiting process is gauging a candidate’s ability to do the job. Do they have the right technical or job-specific skills? Which skills are prerequisites for the role and which are “nice to have”? These questions – evaluated through the lens of our qualifying process help us narrow down our list of candidates from thousands to a select few.

Alignment with corporate values.

Values alignment is a critical yet often overlooked element of recruiting. It’s not enough to assess a candidate for skills alone. Its equally if not more important to determine whether they are a “fit” for the organization. Our methodology here at Cloud BCR requires that our clients define their key corporate values upfront so the candidates can be measured against them.

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Our Process

We're disciplined when it comes to recruiting and talent placement.

We’re flexible about a lot of things at Cloud BCR but we take a disciplined approach when it comes to recruiting and placing talent. That is because our process works. For our candidates, it means getting access to the very best opportunities that match their professional and personal goals. For our clients, it means receiving great value and a shortlist of the best candidates from a network of thousands.