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Permanent Recruitment

Permanent Recruitment

One in three interviews we setup result in an offer.

Permanent Recruitment is one of our specialities. So much so that one in every three interviews we set up results in an offer. Our recruiters combined have a total of 25 years recruiting experience and have been sourcing world-class IT talent for permanent vacancies. Over many years we have developed talent pools and cultivated relationships with cast networks of industry contacts in order to source, vet and deliver the most appropriate candidates to meet your needs.

Our success rate is a result of two decades worth of experience and relationship building. Choosing Cloud BCR means partnering with one of the leading specialist recruitment consultants in IT.

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Our Process

We're disciplined when it comes to recruiting and talent placement.

We’re flexible about a lot of things at Cloud BCR but we take a disciplined approach when it comes to recruiting and placing talent. That is because our process works. For our candidates, it means getting access to the very best opportunities that match their professional and personal goals. For our clients, it means receiving great value and a shortlist of the best candidates from a network of thousands.